Mandatory Credit: Photo by Karen Millward-Alston / Rex Features (1209506c)
Squirrel takes a drink from a garden swimming pool, This squirrel knows how to stay cool in the heat – by taking a sip from a SWIMMING POOL. The cheeky critter was spotted curiously checking out the water in Karen Millward-Alston’s backyard in San Antonio, Texas. To her amazement, it then precariously dangled from the pool edge holding on just by its paws. Karen says
Feeling The Heat: Hot Animal Compilation
Feeling the heat? Take a tip from these cool creatures.

Our hot weather gallery features overheated orangutans, sweltering squirrels and hot dogs all doing their best to beat the heat.

A baboon enjoys an ice lolly, a piglet enjoys the cooling effects of a watering can and a sea lion dons some sunglasses.

With temperatures expected to hit 27C in some parts of the UK, maybe we can all learn from the animal kingdom.

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